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Meet Megan Rizzo: the Designer Behind Our BLM Graphic Tees 

Megan Rizzo, also known as "Daisy," is an artist and illustrator originally from Detroit but now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. She aims to create work that humanizes the black body in a warm and nostalgic light. You can find her work @daizydoodles on Instagram or at daisyillustrations.com!

At HarperSage, we prioritize using independent artists for our custom artwork and consider them a core part of our community. Megan created beautiful illustrations for two graphic tees that benefit The Loveland Foundationan organization that provides healing and therapy to Black women and girls. Read more to learn about her journey into art and design, her inspiration, and why she was passionate about choosing The Loveland Foundation as the beneficiary for the proceeds from this tee.

What led you to pursuing art and design as a career?

Art is something that I've loved since I was a child, and ever since then I have guided my life choices towards having a career in it!

How incredible are these two illustrations from her Instagram below?

Who inspires you most as an artist?

I would say my mother. She has constantly encouraged me to follow my dreams and do what I want. I don't think I would have had the courage to go down this path without her.

Where did the name "Daisy" come from?

Daisy is actually my middle name -- Daisy Mae to be exact. I was named after my dad's mom, and I decided to take it on as an artist name around 2010. I like the idea of separating artist me from the everyday me because it allows me to turn off a lot easier!

Why did you choose The Loveland Foundation as the beneficiary for this design?

I chose to work with The Loveland Foundation because I believe in the power of therapy and how your mental health can seriously affect how you function in the world. I actually received my Master's in Art Therapy and have personally seen the amazing changes therapy can have on others and myself.

Shop her original artwork tees below <3

The Black Lives Matter Monogram Tee:

$25 with 100% of proceeds benefiting The Loveland Foundation

The Black Lives Matter Artist Tee:

$40 with $10 of each sale benefiting The Loveland Foundation. *This tee is currently sold out!*

To keep up with Megan and her work follow her on Instagram! She posts process videos that are mesmerizing like this one.

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