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Into the Mix

Your New Dinner Top: A pretty top to take you from Zoom meetings to dinner parties when this is all over.

We’re under no illusions that fashion is anyone’s top priority during a global pandemic, but sometimes a little frivolity in the form of a fun but sensible top is just the boost you need to get through another zoom meeting or to pump yourself up for a virtual happy hour. And this peplum wrap top has all the trappings necessary to make an impact on its own and dazzle from the waist up: flattering neckline, wrap & button details, elegant dolman balloon sleeves, and a gorgeous color for good measure.

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Meet Meghan & Leah: Co-founders of HarperSage

Womxn have long shouldered societal expectations that restrict them to a proverbial box. With time, learning, and plenty of unlearning, HS co-founders Meghan and Leah were inspired to apply their skills and experience to create a brand that upends these notions and celebrates womxn who contain multitudes.

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