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Anna Oakes: Jack of all trades; Manager at The Flora Culture

We chat with Anna Oakes about her life as a purveyor of beautiful plants, her role at The Flora Culture, and how her day-to-day influences her personal style. A true jack of all trades and jumpsuit enthusiastic - we are delighted to showcase her as a Duo We Admire!

What is your role at The Flora Culture and what does your day-to-day look like?

I'm the Director of Sales and Marketing but, my day-to-day can vary quite a lot. Some days it consists of ordering and processing new plants, or it can involve me getting my hands a little dirty on a landscaping project. However, most days I am working in the shop helping out customers!

How has your profession influenced your style choices? 

I am very fortunate to work in an environment that encourages creativity and individuality. My style is hard to describe as it changes day-to-day, but it definitely involves mixing practicality with bright patterns and colors.

Tell us about your favorite HarperSage piece and how do you see yourself wearing it day to day?

A majority of my closet involves overalls and jumpsuits, so the Olive Utility Jumpsuit is a real eye catcher! Jumpsuits allow me to move around freely at work while still looking stylish, and they are also so fun to accessorize!

At HarperSage, we celebrate duality and the idea of embracing both strength and vulnerability. Can you talk about how you tap into both?

Working for a small business that is family run, I truly feel that my voice is heard within our business, which allows me to be vulnerable and share new ideas and thoughts! Our Co-Owners Matthew and Jemine also impart so much trust in their team so that we all feel empowered to take on our own duties on the team. They recognize that each person on the team has their own strengths and they do a wonderful job utilizing that and making everyone feel important and needed. It is truly the greatest work environment! .

Anna on the job at The Flora Culture

 If you weren’t doing this, what would you be pursuing?

I came into this job from the wedding and special events industry, but left due to COVID. Working at The Flora Culture was never in my initial long term plan, but now I genuinely cannot see myself doing anything else!

Most “Duos” have secret skills or hobbies. What’s one fact or hobby that you enjoy that people would be surprised to learn?

One of my great loves in life is baking. It is one of my favorite pastimes and a real stress reliever for me.

What’s a dynamic plant “Duo” and why?

When I think of a plant that embodies “Harper'' I think of a fern, such as a maidenhair fern, which is soft and delicate. When I think of “Sage” I am immediately drawn to a Sansevieria, or a ‘Snake Plant’ because they are tough and resilient. The smooth lines of the fern mixed with the structure of a snake plant perfectly complement each other. 

To keep up with Anna @ The Flora Culture, follow them on Instagram @thefloraculture, or shop online at thefloraculture.com to browse their beautiful plants!

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