Meet the Artist: Brittany Cyk

Brittany wearing The Swan Blouse

Photo by: Taylor Taverna

Meet Brittany Cyk: The designer behind our new limited edition wine totes

Brittany Cyk is a New York City-based artist and fashion stylist who hails from Texas. Her work is characterized by strong attention to color, proportion, and shape that leads to interesting but minimalist work. Brittany created beautiful illustrations for our two new limited edition wine totes. Read on to learn more about her, the inspiration behind the designs, and to see the final product!

What inspires you as an artist?

Brittany: My surroundings! I am so inspired by color and shapes in my environment, even in the most unassuming of places. I was lucky enough to spend four months quarantining in the Adirondacks last year, and the sunsets over the mountains and lake quickly became my biggest inspiration. Whether I am in Texas, up in the Adirondacks, or in New York City, I am inspired by what I experience on a day to day basis. When designing I typically alternate between digital art and acrylic paint, but I think it is important to mix up my medium and do what feels right for the specific piece. 

Personal artwork by Brittany Cyk

What is your design signature?

Brittany: My design signature is taking something realistic that inspires me, anywhere from a flower to a beauty editorial and turning it abstract and minimalistic. I love when something so minimal can gesture something that is really so much more complex.

Describe your inspiration and approach for these two tote designs?

Brittany: I channeled my inner Duo. I thought about what my Harper side would want to carry, but also what my Sage side would like. I took inspiration from the latest Texas Hill Country inspired collection, and added my abstract twist!

How have you been wearing some of your favorite HarperSage pieces lately?

Brittany: I am obsessed with my Swan Blouse! Lately, I have been pairing it with white high waisted wide leg pants for a full monochrome look. Then I usually add a belt to break up the whites, and voila!

Photo by: Taylor Taverna

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Do you relate more to soft, romantic Harper, or strong, adventurous Sage and how does that come through in your personal style?

Brittany: I am definitely a bit of both, but I relate more to strong, adventurous Sage! I love hiking, camping, and all things adventure and the outdoors. My strong Sage persona definitely comes across in my personal style with my need to always be comfortable. The more comfortable I am, the more confident and strong I feel. Sneakers are usually a must. I like to be ready for anything!

You can keep up with Brittany on Instagram @brittcyk. You can see more of her work or shop her prints for sale on her website.

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