Meet the Artist: Dominique McKenna

Meet Dominique McKenna: The creator of the florals in our new print capsule

Tell us a little about yourself.

Dominique: Hello! My name is Dominique, and I reside in South Jersey right outside of Philadelphia with my husband, son, and our pup. I have always had a passion for drawing and painting. I studied textile design in college and fell completely in love with all things PRINT!

What inspires you as an artist?

Dominique: Travel and getting to experience new places and new things inspires me as well as anything and everything in nature!

What is your design signature?

Dominique: I would say my signature is a hand-drawn aesthetic, watercolor, and playful motifs. My favorite kind of print to create is conversational - I love drawing or painting animals or anything that tells a story. My favorite media to work with is watercolor and gouache!

Photo of Dom's design process

Describe your inspiration and approach for the floral you created?

Dominique: I worked with designer Meghan to bring a vision of a blotchy, ditsy floral to life! I worked in watercolor to make specific small motifs with this concept in mind, and then I scanned in the painted motifs and did all my print layout designing and coloring in Adobe Photoshop.

Photo of the lilac floral print on the Patio Dress

How do you relate to the “Duo” concept of being both soft and strong?

Dominique: I am type A - especially when it comes to my work - but recently there is nothing more I love than having no plans and just being home with my loved ones. I am such femme girl, but I am also a woman, a mom, a daughter, a lover, and a friend. Women are the definition of strong!

How have you been wearing some of your favorite HarperSage pieces lately?

Dominique: I have been wearing my Secret Garden Dress everywhere! To dinner, work, the beach, and meeting up with friends. I love that you can dress it up or down, and that I get compliments every time I wear it!

Dominique wearing the Secret Garden Dress

You can keep up with Dominique on Instagram @dominique.mckenna

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